Shot in the Heart……

September 6, 2009


Today, I finished reading a book ‘Shot in the Heart’ written by Mikal Gilmore and translated by Haruki Murakami.

The book is based on a true story from United States’ past. The true is a killer of Gary Gilmore…… He had killed two young persons and been put to death.

The writer Mikal is younger brother of Gary. Mikal told me through this book ‘Family is the start and same time it is the end’.

So ‘Shot in the Heart’ is not only the story of a killer but the story of family.

What is ‘family’?

A family is a hopeful and warm place. But at the same time it turns into hell or pain for someone. The person in latter situation directly runs into adversity.

We are leaning against something. For example, nationality, language, culture, skin color, job, friend, pet, money, and so on.

So a family is the basic of our life. Apart from regarding it, people are always leaning against family.

Of course Gilmore Family had same hope becoming warm family. Nevertheless they couldn’t build it. The family had fallen to horrible one.

Thus Mikal had tried to escape from the family.But he couldn’t, he slightly connect his family. After all we cannot escape from own blood.

However we can escape from painful life. There are a lot of ways to do it.

The last resort to get rid of pain is choosing death. Gary had chosen the death for his karma…… He had yielded his life, behavior, hope and family.

But why we never choose the death? We can choose it. I guess we have some strong emotional bonds of trust someone.

Hadn’t Gary had it? No he had. But his past made a change to his thoughts. He had loved his family, the love turn to fear of all family and hope.

What did he see through his eyes?

I don’t know. I assume that he had sadness of his life and his family.

That is my point of view. Don’t forget we can chose a life.

This book is very tough for me……

By the way, I joined flickr.

room-number 41

Please come and see it if you have time.



August 30, 2009

Taking photo is very useful way to cut your sights and memories.

And watching photographs can be experienced another opinions.

How do you use taking photo? Just only keeping your memories? If you think so…. But it’s not true. Taking photo makes you can express your mind.

It’s not an artist and an art. It is not necessary to become an artist.

There are many photo sharing site like flicker, photozou, and so on.

The persons joined the site are not professional photographers (of course there are professional photographers) but they are photographer.

So if you want to express your images, a camera will become  good tool for you. And the camera makes you the best photographer in the world!

The photograph taken by you will show your minds, images and emotions.  It describes your unspeakable mention.

Please take photos… I can understand your visions from your photographs.

I like taking photographs and talking with persons. Although sometime I cannot speak out my mind.

Such time photographs speak for my opinions. It is very comfortable and satisfied situations.

When you use a digital camera, it is inexpensive doing without printing out. In addition you can show your images to the public.

I love taking photograph! That’s all!


Japanese Hip Hop Music…..

August 23, 2009

What’s the Hip Hop Music? I cannot understand it clearly.

Of course, it comes from black music…

In 1970s, it began in the U.S. and spread out the world rapidly.

Naturally it reached Japan and has been enchanting young persons.

So now there are good Japanese Hip Hop music like DJ Krush, MURO, Tha Blue Herb, Shing02, Think Tank and other good musicians.

Do you like Japanese Hip Hop music? I like it very much.

By the way, nowadays the music can be divided into two types.

One is commercialized music, another is Underground.

In generally almost people lived in Japan think the commercialized Hip Hop music is Japanese Hip Hop.

I don’t know it is the good or not….

But I believe the commercialized music is not only Japanese Hip Hop music.

It has passed around 30 years after beginning Japanese Hip Hop music, now new generation Japanese Hip Hop musicians are coming up.

So I would like to pick up Reito.

He has a name from To-I-Re. To-I-Re, a typically Japanese English, means toilet.

So you can imagine that reading reverse To-I-Re makes Re-I-To.

So he has a name form toilet.

He raps very negative Japanese social scene on downer tracks made by himself.

I think he is a new age Japanese Hip Hop musician without mainstream……

….so negative….. This negative and directly dark music amazed me at the first listening……..

Social media….

August 20, 2009

Today, I watched this movie on YouTube.

After watching this video how do you feel?

I guess there is no one thinks “social media is a fad”.

Actually almost person use internet and social communities like facebook, myspace, mixi and so on.

Internet is the tool to connect to the world.

SNS is a tool to contact with friends and know same kinds of a person.

So social media makes changes of a value of personality.

When you want to get some new products, you can search the opinion from blogs, news, and SNS.

Thus you can get the knowledge about the products.

On TV, radio, books, and newspaper, We are the just only a receiver.

But now we are a receiver and sender at the same time.

What is important? To become a good receiver and sender.

I think it is necessary to make your independent opinions.

But how to get the independent opinions?

If  I joined a small community, I couldn’t get other and many  knowledge through the small community.

So it is important to get a big and good window through the other communities.

Now we can get a lot of opinions, if you want.

To know, or not to know. That is the problem for us.

now starting

August 3, 2009

now starting…